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25/12/21 8:40 A FR flash SVC PMI con: 40.8 pre: 46.7

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Mtl JP 12:42 GMT 09/24/2021
euro 1.1710
sofar puppy snaking in the right direction

Tallinn viies 12:32 GMT 09/24/2021
brent crude tested yearly high today and didnt get above.
seems it will stay for next week. and then even 80 is possible.

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 12:31 GMT 09/24/2021
nasdaq100 trying to test previous day low. so far holding up well. target today still 15 500. plan to sell my long near preavious day high.

Hk Ab 12:22 GMT 09/24/2021
Massive limit 1730

Belgrade Knez 11:50 GMT 09/24/2021
so far 1.1664 looks to far for today, but .... we never know ..... keep selling from daily open

Mtl JP 11:37 GMT 09/24/2021

EURO 1.1720-ish
after teasing and luring with 1.1750, puppy is toying with the downside again.

I am keeping my bias to favour buying dlr dips.
eurusd has not yet dealt with 1.1660-ish

PAR 11:33 GMT 09/24/2021

Agree 100%

The problem with the ECB is that they have a kind of dogmatic truth and that in Europe there is not a single journalist, economist, or politician who dares to doubt Lagard's dogmas.

Europe is living under the dictatorship of the ECB and nobody can do anything about it. There is no more democracy in Europe. A few bureaucrats decide everything. That's the main reason people in France no longer want to vote.

Let's short the Euro before the revolution against the ECB dictatorship starts. But at good levels.

Mtl JP 11:01 GMT 09/24/2021
PAR best side to sit on is the side of profitto

best profits are speculative ones, specifically those that produce nothing of value in or to society, just oprtimize - or sometimes - maximize profits by any means. especially pleasingly rewarding are speculative profits playing the ECB's or Fed's free money

S & P
HK Kevin 08:39 GMT 09/24/2021
Closed earlier at 4420. Risk and reward is not justified
HK Kevin 15:48 GMT 09/23/2021
2nd day today on short the ES future. Short again earlier at 4442.

PAR 07:45 GMT 09/24/2021
The ECB became addicted to the flow of money negative interest rates sends in her direction. the ECB itself is the biggest beneficiary from negative rates. They party like never before.

Most likely ECB can no longer function without this flow of money and will need to search for new sources of income if negative rates eventually stop. That's one of the main reasons Lagarde will never raise rates even if inflation gets to double digits.

What you say depends on where you sit

buy gold
manila tom 07:36 GMT 09/24/2021
retails bought above 1760-70 wanted to have their asses saved

PAR 07:26 GMT 09/24/2021
Inflation may be transitory but people can no longer pay their bills now.

What do we do? Stop paying our bills and wait till prices come down?

That seems to be Lagarde's solution to inflation.

buy gold
kl shawn 07:21 GMT 09/24/2021
bought small 1753.50, stop below 1750, target open

hk ab 06:56 GMT 09/24/2021
baby may be risking for 1.5 and higher.....

PAR 06:23 GMT 09/24/2021
Lagarde still in denial of inflation pressures.

In the meantime Draghi and other leaders are spending € billions of the European grants they received to restructure their economies on subsidies for electricity as people can no longer pay their bills.


Offcourse Lagarde never has to pay a bill as everything she spends
is paid by European taxpayers.

kl fs 06:20 GMT 09/24/2021
close half here 1756, move stop to 1752 now for the rest targetting 1760

kl fs 05:05 GMT 09/24/2021
sja, i loaded 1750.80, stop according to your plan below 1748, let's go for 1760

jkt abel 05:46 GMT 09/24/2021
clean break 1753, looks like you guys are right, next 1760

jkt abel 05:08 GMT 09/24/2021
sja, fs, i personally dont like buying around Asian's high...would prefer buying maybe around 1745-46 for that target level...but will see, maybe you guys are right

kl fs 05:05 GMT 09/24/2021
sja, i loaded 1750.80, stop according to your plan below 1748, let's go for 1760

kl fs 03:41 GMT 09/24/2021
i agree with this plan, H4 is calling for 1760 to be tested

bali sja 03:37 GMT 09/24/2021
for some friday fun
buy gold 1750-52, stop below 1748, target 1758-60

dc CB 02:03 GMT 09/24/2021

beware and always look for the gap.$spx&p=D&yr=0&mn=6&dy=0&i=t3705173191c&r=1546622341637

Bali Sja 01:07 GMT 09/24/2021
Almost time to buy gold again?

dc CB 00:22 GMT 09/24/2021
Who learned this 'technique' from whom

Evergrande Auto Hasn't Sold A Single Car, But Has Enriched Its Founder And His Friends Plenty

Mtl JP 22:38 GMT 09/23/2021

Facebook appears to have good habit with its GAPs

PAR 17:45 GMT 09/23/2021
RRP could be the source of the next black swan?

dc CB 17:40 GMT 09/23/2021
first day for the raised RRP limits for the Cardinals of the church of money. Up to 160bln from 80bln Each.
77 showed up -- 1,352.483Billion

check out the new web page--NY Fed.

PAR 17:22 GMT 09/23/2021
This week proved that the US PPT is omnipotent and rules the world. So just follow the PPT, whatever.

london red 16:56 GMT 09/23/2021
pypl a slow burner. doesnt really like higher rate nor crypto bear issues but looks to have based last few days. im not in this one yet but may get involved tomorrow if pullback holds sup.

london red 16:53 GMT 09/23/2021
f already had mini break. now looking for higher high and channel. if this happens tomorrow f will be up 5% as crowd gets interested.

Mtl JP 16:06 GMT 09/23/2021

and the so-what is ...
I am trying to use yesty powell and gang's "hawkishness" meaning I am favoring trading the dlr from the long side

with respect to eurdlr: puppy continues to be in its broad trend and is likely to continue to be a boring trade; biased to the downside so favour selling pops n rallies while sub 1.18 and sub 1.19

uk 15:55 GMT 09/23/2021
Can't see it. Can only see it going up from here...

S & P
HK Kevin 15:48 GMT 09/23/2021
2nd day today on short the ES future. Short again earlier at 4442.

dc CB 15:29 GMT 09/23/2021

woke-up from the dream

S & P
PAR 14:53 GMT 09/23/2021
Plenty of stops above the 50-day moving average. Let's go for the stops.

WallStreet preferred cash cow. Lots of stops will most likely be MOC.

A great finale for this firework rally.

GVI Forex 14:43 GMT 09/23/2021  - My Profile
Kevin, very astute observation.

HK Kevin 14:39 GMT 09/23/2021
CAD is the leading indicator of USD weakness.

GVI Forex 14:16 GMT 09/23/2021  - My Profile
Look at any AT chart and it says there is a general real money usd sell order (except vs jpy).

The Amazing Trader

london red 14:14 GMT 09/23/2021
over last few days ft100 had outperformed s&p. over last hour or two, this has turned to underperformance. this suggests uptrend for s&p back on, although i probably wouldnt chase it higher here at this minute.

Tallinn viies 14:11 GMT 09/23/2021
buy order for ftse to 7032 for today

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 14:10 GMT 09/23/2021
nasda100 take profit order to 15 385 for today.

Tallinn viies 13:56 GMT 09/23/2021
plan to sell cable at 1,3758 for 15-20 points

pump n pump
Tallinn viies 13:54 GMT 09/23/2021
closed sp500 at 4441.

GVI Forex 13:36 GMT 09/23/2021  - My Profile
US yields up but so far diverging with FX

london red 12:50 GMT 09/23/2021
fwiw bp is set to introduce petrol rationing as some uk based stations. due to driver shortage.

PAR 12:35 GMT 09/23/2021
Closed position at 110.00

Americans are back from holiday and filling jobless claims again.

london red 12:28 GMT 09/23/2021
snp channel has been met and futs tested what would be cash 50dma. by 4438. a close abv 50dma today would be positive but it would be enough to not make a lower low today and maybe the run thru 50dma over night europe/asia. however a lower low today suggests retest of weeks lows.

PAR 12:06 GMT 09/23/2021
Evergrande is not Lehman.

Evergrande looks more like Bear Stearns or Merrill Lynch.

The real Chinese or American Lehman is somewhere in the dark.

Belgrade Knez 11:46 GMT 09/23/2021
hopefully by tomorrow close euro can test yearly low 1.1664 ..... then on the way to parity! .... LOL

Tallinn viies 11:09 GMT 09/23/2021
plan to add crude longs today if -minus 2 dollars from daily high.

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Malmoe GG 17:00 GMT 09/05/2021  - My Profile
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Edmonton 23:32 GMT 06/25/2021
Thank you for sharing this awesome blog!!

Washington 05:13 GMT 06/10/2021
Entry: Target: Stop:

The most optimistic by far, however, is CryptoGround, which expects that the coin will climb rather rapidly in the future.

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Ipswich 16:15 GMT 06/04/2021
Guy underneath me has it right. If you're bearish on Bitcoin, you're bearish on the future. Cheers from skip bin hire Ipswich

Bitcoin new gold
Mandurah 16:06 GMT 06/04/2021
Let's face it fellas. Bitcoin is the new gold. Everybody in tree lopping services in mandurah knows it and we are BULLISH.

The spirit of Crypto madness infected precious metals.
HK RF@ 01:40 GMT 05/18/2021
Soon Elon Musk is coming out to fart: Gold to the Mooon!!!!

You sell by May and go away soon???
HK RF@ 12:59 GMT 05/14/2021

0% R.S=Public lack of funds.
HK RF@ 12:38 GMT 05/14/2021

Escalation conflict in M.E. means strong USD> Weak gold.
Vienna GD 08:34 GMT 05/14/2021
Currently it is still possible to push gold lower before "To the Moon".

That is where I agree with you. Because the whole pack of assets can go lower new few weeks. If "they" want to remain in control and power. Of yields and inflation outlook and inflation sentiment. And pitch forks. You surely know easily and how fast pitch fork eruptions can happen. High prices for food and daily essentials is just the right recipe.
Though maybe some big players exactly that (prices to da moon, pitchforks into the streeets, so they an throw another government or region under the bus) want to happen.
Time will tell. We will shortly know.

But 1600 is just in sweet smoke in mirrors.
Of course only IMHO.

Escalation conflict in M.E. means strong USD> Weak gold.
HK RF@ 07:59 GMT 05/14/2021

In general the chart for gold is still bullish,

What happens to gold still depends on the whims of the big players.

The value of gold is like for a Crypto. As it has few industrial uses, it's intrinsic value is your hope that someone else will buy/sell it from you at higher/lower prices.

The only legitimate reason for gold to fly higher at current times, is the public Cryptomania mentality that prices can go to the Moooon.
This is the mentality Elon Musk was cultivating among the silly masses, and on which he capitalized.

So if a nothing can go to the moon, why gold should not go to the moon too?

Currently it is still possible to push gold lower before "To the Moon".

Escalation conflict in M.E. means strong USD> Weak gold.
Vienna GD 07:33 GMT 05/14/2021
HK RF@ 08:46 GMT 05/13/2021
Gold to drop even to 1600

RF ... and you might also see 1001 wonderful girlies and milk and honey and sweet dreams surrounding you in heaven.

But I'm with you that these days are an extremely important time frame. Either some assets come down 15-25% within day(s) - or they will fly another 20-30% higher - just to crash down even more thereafter.
This is a time to be quite cautious - and not to be leveraged - until the next trend is born again. Very shortly.

Nice to see you sharing your thoughts again!

USDX: Cup with diamond handle?????
HK RF@ 22:37 GMT 05/13/2021


Tesla suspending vehicle purchases using Bitcoin:"Tell it to the marines"
HK RF@ 22:29 GMT 05/13/2021
Tell it to the Marines.

Binance Faces Probe by U.S. Money-Laundering and Tax Sleuths

Probably the main reason of Tesla for not accepting Bitcoin is in the link down.

Elon Musk a questionable personality? I am not sure that everything with this fellow is OK.

And the idiots public follow him with such admiration. Human stupidity!!!

Binance Faces Probe by U.S. Money-Laundering and Tax Sleuths

USDX to test 90.90; All in to the USD.
HK RF@ 09:53 GMT 05/13/2021

After testing 90.90 per my suggestion.

USDX rocket to reach 91.40/50

Watch for a possible topping at that level.

Tesla suspending vehicle purchases using Bitcoin:"Tell it to the marines"
HK RF@ 09:06 GMT 05/13/2021

After Continental Pipeline; Possibly new restrictions/regulations.

Cryptos are major threat to the free world.

Euro toileting to 1.2025
HK RF@ 08:57 GMT 05/13/2021

USDX to test 90.90; All in to the USD.
HK RF@ 08:52 GMT 05/13/2021

Escalation conflict in M.E. means strong USD> Weak gold.
HK RF@ 08:46 GMT 05/13/2021

As I read on the net, Israel conflict reached a point of no redemption.

The conflict can only feed itself and expand to unexpected directions.

This means (if I have no mistake): STRONG USD.

And gold may even drop to 1600.

It is "Syria Time" for Israel
HK RF@ 08:09 GMT 05/13/2021

Healthy correction in gold means gold will drop below 1800.

Why? Because gold is irrational.

Martial law in Israel with escalation into civil armed conflict means: Syria Times for Israel.

The Israeli Arabs like in 1948 will be seen leaving for Jordan to become refugees.

Goodbye Democracy Israel; Welcome Martial Law; Gold doesn't care.
HK RF@ 07:24 GMT 05/13/2021

The only solution in sight is Martial Law, under the rule of the Jews.

Gold: Israeli war on Gaza mainly a demolition war.
HK RF@ 21:34 GMT 05/12/2021

Accurate bombings, a good recipe for preventing widespread war.

People in Gaza can sip coffee on roof tops(and taking cool videos too), while watching next buildings to their houses crumbling vertically down.

So why should gold go up?

To whom it may concern; REMEMBER!!!
Lakeland 05:29 GMT 05/12/2021
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Ballarat 20:16 GMT 05/11/2021
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Sherwood Park 20:33 GMT 05/10/2021
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Margin Trading
Ipswich 13:37 GMT 05/10/2021
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Forex Bots
Ballarat 09:45 GMT 05/10/2021
Forex has always been an interest for my circle of earthmoving services in ballarat. I'm not exactly sure how it came to that point, but everybody's trading into forex now, even have our own bots.

Ballarat 09:36 GMT 05/10/2021
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Los Angeles 16:50 GMT 05/08/2021
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Mandurah 10:37 GMT 05/07/2021
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mandurah 09:49 GMT 05/07/2021
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New York Click here 02:45 GMT 05/06/2021
Entry: 1 Target: 1 Stop: 1

Awesome post, thanks for starting the thread that leads to great information!

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Gold and Crypto
West Bloomfield Township AM 21:14 GMT 05/04/2021
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Trading at work
Detroit DB 20:51 GMT 05/04/2021
Our whole family has been trading dogecoin at our office which services HVAC. We also have a Plumbing Company here as well. Our Plumbing Company has been around for over 20 years. It is the only that is this old in the area. When we are not busy with the Plumbing Company we are trading Cryptocurrencies. Almost everyone at our Plumbing Company trades Dogecoin. Also our HVAC staff trades as well.

Crypto Crazy
BINGHAM FARMS MS 20:21 GMT 05/04/2021
Our kids come to our company that offers HVAC service. When we are not doing HVAC service we are trading Crypto's. Since our HVAC. We also have a Plumbing Company and many of our staff trade as well. The Plumbing Company works ever day but has breaks in the evening when the markets are still open. We certainly have a profitable Plumbing Company

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BINGHAM FARMS MB 17:17 GMT 05/04/2021
Entry: Target: Stop:

Love coming here to get the latest info on trading currencies. We do this in our spare time when we are not working in our other companies.

Gold is one safe haven on the demise of Cryptos.
HK RF@ 12:23 GMT 05/03/2021
Whenever there is a threat to the Cryptos, there are some big Cryptosters(like banksters) pulling prices up to to calm investors and dissuade them from selling.

Almost every one in the Bitcoin market is long, and the short sellers(Cryptosters) want more idiots to buy, until the judgment day.

REMEMBER: You are warned!!!!!

Cyberattack(for ransom) spreads across the globe
HK RF@ 11:48 GMT 05/03/2021

When bankers will decide unanimously to stop dealing with Crypto exchanges,,,Cryptos will dive to ZEEEERO.

Cyberattack spreads across the globe

us 16:27 GMT 04/29/2021
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Gold reasons for decline.
HK RF@ 10:55 GMT 04/28/2021
End of the month is usually a time when funds are taking profits.

Another reason, may be massive selling of gold and gold jewelries savings of Indian citizens to meet hospitalization expenses of sick relatives.

The number of deaths and infected is estimated to be 20 to 30 times more than the official rates. India gold sales can amount to many tons.

To whom it may concern; REMEMBER!!!
Chattanooga 09:00 GMT 04/27/2021
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HK RF@ 01:55 GMT 04/25/2021
Last few weeks, gold built up a chart and indicators pointing to a stat of a secular bull market targeting 2300-2400 range.

St Louis 14:41 GMT 04/23/2021
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